Frequently Asked Questions


Being in a Tachyon Chamber gives your body a full recharge of incredible energy from head to toe. Feel the powerful energy permeate every cell in your body.  Slip into deep relaxation and experience this incredible conscious energy as it works with you in balancing every system in your body.  ​You will experience tachyon energy like never before.


We have had many questions about the Tachyon Chamber.  Below are some of the answers to assist you in understanding more about the Tachyon process.

Q: What is the Tachyon Chamber?

A:  A unique custom crafted Chamber where a Portal of Tachyon is concentrated through a pyramid and crystal generator assembly connecting through sacred geometry and higher dimensional beings.  These fields of Tachyon are then concentrated to the highest level the ascending Star Humans can safely receive.  These Chambers assist mankind in upward movement of spirituality, promoting healing and health, with possible enhanced DNA repairs, or upgrades, energetic restoration and overall well-being.  The Tachyon portal also extends down into the earth to the core of Gaia (Mother Earth,) thereby flooding the ley lines of the earth with Tachyon, assisting in Gaia’s Ascension.  Higher dimensional communication is easier to obtain within a Tachyon Chamber. 
     A Tachyon Chamber does not need to have walls, but most visitors enjoy having a Chamber experience in a private room.  Since concentrated Tachyon Fields do not need containment (walls),  anything contained within the field will be saturated with Tachyon.  For those wishing to create walls of Tachyon, we have the large wall hangings that radiate Tachyon into a room (as seen above).  It is not necessary to be directly inside of the pyramid since the energy radiates in a holographic octahedron with the center of the octrahedron located at the floor of the Chamber.

Q: What are the benefits associated with using and being in the Tachyon Chamber?

A: The benefits of using and being in the Tachyon chamber are extensive. Below are a few of the experiences those visiting the chamber have received:

  1. Tachyon can restore chakra and meridian points to perfect balance.
  2. Tachyon can accelerate the body’s capacity to heal from illness or dis-ease.
  3. Tachyon helps to clear emotional, mental and spiritual fields in the past present and future.
  4. Tachyon rapidly accelerates spiritual development and can open up spiritual channels (3rd Eye).
  5. The Tachyon Chamber accelerates and intensifies all manifestations and healing energies.
  6. Tachyon can heighten spiritual and psychic awareness.
  7. Tachyon can access mental and emotional memory blocks for smooth release.
  8. Tachyon can assist the body in the detoxification process.
  9. The Tachyon Chamber can help you to raise your physical vibration to a much higher state.
  10. Tachyon can eliminate the resistance energy of healing to a positive state of acceptance.
  11. Tachyon can awaken, activate and upgrade the DNA to a restorative state with multiple sessions.  

Q : Where is the Tachyon chamber located?

A: Portland, Texas, 20 minutes east of Corpus Christi  

Q: How do I get to the Tachyon chamber?

A: The Tachyon Chamber and Light Mandala are located in our Home, 401 San Saba Dr., Portland, Texas.

Q: Are there any accommodations for staying nearby the Tachyon Chamber?

A: The Tachyon Chamber is located within minutes of most major hotel chains, restaurants, car-rental agencies, shopping centers and every other accommodation needed ranging from economy to luxury.

Q: How do I make an appointment for the Tachyon chamber?

A: You can simply book your appointment online or best to Call/email us at 337-580-8800 / or

Q: How long is each session in the Tachyon chamber?

A: There are currently 3 session lengths… 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.  We recommend a 60 minute session to begin with and work your way up to a 90 minute session.  Although the 45 minute session gives you a nice session, our patrons are using their options to choose the longer session times, in that once they get in the Chamber…they don’t want the energy infusion to end!

Q:  Why are your sessions longer than other Chambers? 

A:  We have found that with the advancing human star seeds, the need for longer sessions in the chamber give them better support.  We stay appraised of these continually changing needs and upgrades of high saturation fields with out Tachyon Channel.

Q: Are there any testimonials of people that have used the Tachyon chamber?

A:  YES!  For videos and testimonials coming soon but you can visit other Cobra Tachyon chambers that have been in operation for awhile. There are only a dozen or so chambers in USA. The response from the patrons who have had a session in the Chamber collectively state that it is the most powerful, transformational spiritual and energetic device they have ever encountered.  Appointments are now being booked.

Q: What company developed this Tachyon Chamber?  Are all Tachyon Chambers alike?

Cobra wormholes the Tachyons from Gemini 2 satellite to the chamber that has geometrically positioned crystals. Cobra’s Tachyon Chambers are the only true tachyon chambers on Planet Earth. All the rest cannot deliver the density of tachyons Cobra’s does.