Living Water

Living Water is energy that can be measured with an oxygen reduction potential meter (ORP). The units of measurements are millivolts. When water has a negative charge (-) i.e. (-240 mv) it is considered Anti-Oxidant, Living Water. The PH on living water is Alkaline.

If the charge is positive implies the water is oxidized (referred to as Dead Water) which is also acidic on PH scale. All your purified waters are reverse osmosis water and are acidic and oxidized with no minerals. Other than being clean purified Water has no health benefits.

The Living Water Energy comes from the rocks/minerals the water flows through. This water occurs naturally in springs and wells all over the planet but must be in a remote uncontaminated location. We, Water Tree, clone nature’s method in our distillery by pumping the water through several stages of minerals after the RO process.

Another important property is molecular particle/cluster size measured in frequency, Hz. The measurement on Living water is approximately 45-50 hz in comparison to purified water 80-90 hz. Your cells average size (34 trillion cells) 50-60 hz. Conclusion: Purified water does not hydrate very well due to the molecular structure too large so most of the water is passing through your body.


Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on February 08, 2017


The research on H2 hydrogen gas (called molecular hydrogen by scientists) shows it is a powerful antioxidant. Its unique ability to prevent or reverse diseases is exciting, important, and should not be overlooked! 

Did you know the Japanese used to be the worst rated country for health just after WWII and now are the healthiest nation on earth? Part of the reason is their research on hydrogen gas and their implementation of it into healthcare. 

Why something so simple as H2 antioxidant is pushed in Japan, but is not pushed by Big Pharma in the US? If you guessed money, you were right. After WWII the Japanese made it illegal to push ineffective medical solutions in the interest of profit. They completely revamped their ministry of health and made mandates to research and find effective medical solutions, because they were literally a dying nation and needed to focus on survival as a race for their top-priority. 

Since then doctors started researching, using, and prescribing H2 antioxidants in their hospitals & clinics. The Japanese medical statistics have boomed, actually transformed! In just a few decades they went from being among the most unhealthy, to now being the most-healthy people in the world.

In the following video, research analyst, Nate Darnell, tells how he sits on the board for Diabetes Support Services. He delivers a compelling presentation on the phenomena of hydrogen gas (causing spontaneous remissions) in diseases, such as diabetes & cancer. It’s surprising data! Just under the video you can see a transcript of it and some key definitions. Below that, I’ve summarized the research in my own words. 

Living Water and Hunza Water
Alkaline ionized water is called ‘Living Water’. It is similar in atomic structure to the waters that the people of Hunza drink directly from glacial streams in the high Himalayas. It is fresh, invigorating, life enhancing, free radical scavenging and delicious.

The Hunza have the longest life span in the world and this has been traced as related to the water that they drink and their natural diet. Hunza water is an example of perfect natural water. Hunza has people who routinely live to 120-140 years, in good health with virtually no cancer, degenerative disease, dental caries or bone decay. Hunza people remain robust and strong and are also able to bear children even in old age.

Research has proven conclusively that the major common denominator of the healthy long-living people is their local water.
Dr. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics is believed to be the 1st scientist to study the physical properties of Hunza water to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. His studies suggested that Hunza glacier water appeared to have a different viscosity and surface tension then normal city water.